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Medicare Plans San Benito County

Medicare Advantage Plans generally require you to use a network of providers. They tend to have no or low monthly premiums and copays.

If you choose a Medicare Supplement, you do not have to stay in a network. You may go to any provider who accepts Medicare, and you will have higher monthly premiums.

You must always pay your Medicare Part B premium.

Medicare Plans San Benito County

Need help finding the right Medicare Plans San Benito County? We can help!

San Benito County – Retirement Haven

San Benito County has grown by 20% between 2010 and 2021, and the largest area of growth was for people over 65. That segment of the population increased from 5,428 to 8,818, an increase of 62%! More seniors are on their way – as of this writing, Twin Oaks 55+ community is still under construction. While San Benito’s population has grown, the number of primary care doctors in the area hasn’t.

Medicare Advantage Plans San Benito County

The Medicare.Gov website shows three companies contracted for Medicare Advantage Plans in San Benito County in 2023. Of those three companies, one is a PPO with a limited network of six primary care doctors, one plan shows no primary care providers in San Benito County, and one company shows four primary care providers (as of 10/4/2022). There are also limited options for specialists. If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan in San Benito County, call your primary care doctor and confirm he/she accepts your plan.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement plans Do NOT require you to work with a network. You may see any physician that accepts Medicare, and you may see physicians across different networks. For example, if you go to a local doctor like Dr. Bress of Hollister for primary care you can go to Stanford for a knee replacement.

Choosing the wrong Medicare Plan can affect your health and your finances. When you work with a local insurance agent you can ensure you’ll get the doctors you prefer.

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Need help finding the right Medicare plans in San Benito County? We can help!

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